Call over 2,000 VoIP networks for free!

SIP Broker is a free service that provides unlimited VoIP calls to millions of people around the world. No signup is necessary.

How Does It Work?

Simply find the SIP-Code for the network you wish to reach in our Network Directory and enter it into your phone followed by your friend's phone number. Your call will be connected, free of charge!


Your friend uses SIPphone as their VoIP provider. Your friend's VoIP number is 1-747-555-1212. Find SIPphone in the list, which is *747. Simply dial *747 1-747-555-1212 and you're connected!

Also, if you don't have access to a VoIP phone, you can dial any one of our Access Numbers available in over 20 countries around the world. At the voice prompt, just dial the VoIP number as described above.

For more information, visit our FAQ or Support Forum.


SIPBroker - SIP Code Housekeeping


We at SIP Broker have decided to undergo some long overdue housekeeping of the current SIP Codes and PSTN Numbers.

On Sat 13th April 0:00 GMT we will be removing all SIP Codes that were created before 31st December 2012 and that currently have a red cross against them on the provider page:

SIPBroker - Provider White Pages

If you are the owner of one of these SIP Codes and would like to save your SIP Code from this purge please contact support [at]

Regards, Martin.

Posted 13-11-2013

More Access Numbers

Today we released new access numbers in China, Canada, Italy and U.S.A

See Complete Number List

Posted 31-07-2007

VoxPremium Goes Live on 16th July 2007

At long last, after months of preparation and hard work by the Voxalot team, we have just launched a new brand, new look and feel web site and the VoxPremium family of products. Click here to read more

Posted 23-07-2007



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